Gallery Spotlight - Kenojuak Ashevak
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Most influential
   Inuit Artist !

Auto-Biography & Collection of her Prints

Contemporary Inuit Art is deeply embedded in a culture which has survived the cruel and harsh Arctic environment for thousands of years. Since 1981, the Eskimo Art Gallery have been  presenting the finest contemporary Inuit art from the Canadian North. In addition to the museum-quality masterpieces, we offer the best works by the most talented Inuit artists of the younger generation. Our services also includes comprehensive corporate, wedding and retirement gift program.

Gift Program 
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Inuit Art, from Canada's Arctic, is a unique and prestigious corporate gift. A gift of history, culture and natural beauty.

we provide :
   - Corporate Gift
   - Retirement Gift
   - Wedding Gift
   - Awards

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Inuit Art
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e.g.  Dancing Bear
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